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DS peripheral allows diabetics to test glucose levels

Pharmaceutical firm invents new health gadget for the Nintendo console

A new peripheral designed for the Nintendo DS aims to encourage diabetic children to regularly test their blood glucose levels by rewarding them with unlockables in a game.

The 'Didget', launched by pharmaceutical company Bayer, comprises a game and a peripheral, the latter of which acts as an independent blood glucose meter which can also be plugged into the standard DS via the GBA slot, reports Kotaku.

Consistent glucose testing using the meter is rewarded in the game with points which can be used to buy items or unlock levels. The game comes with two ability modes which enable it to be used by children of varying ages and abilities.

The idea for the gadget came from Paul Wessel, the parent of a child with type one diabetes, who noticed that although his son was constantly losing his blood glucose meter he could always find his handheld console. The Didget follows a similar peripheral designed for use with the Game Boy Advance called the Glucoboy.

Bayer is currently inviting customers to sign up at its website to be notified when the Didget is available to buy. The unit will be priced at GBP 29.99 - a figure which includes a GBP 5 donation to the Juvenile Diabetics Research Foundation.

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