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Dreamcade Impact

Arcade cabinet to drop your PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 into, designed with Street Fighter IV in mind.

The Dreamcade Impact by Dream Arcades is designed for hardcore arcade gamers looking for the ultimate way to play arcade-style fighting games including Street Fighter IV. The Dreamcade Impact supports Windows PC as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

Sacramento, CA - Feb. 11, 2009 Dream Arcades

( continues its goal of bringing the ultimate in arcade gaming to the home market with the launch of the Dreamcade Impact. This special edition arcade cabinet is designed exclusively for fans of fighting games like Capcom's upcoming Street Fighter IV. Impact comes ready to play, just hook up your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and get ready to experience your favorite fighting games the way they were intended with real arcade joysticks and real industrial strength buttons. The Dreamcade Impact is available now starting at $1,699 for the 19 inch and $2,499 for the 29 inch version. Please visit or

call: 916-761-6925 to order.

"With the release of so many great arcade fighting games we wanted to give fighter fans an opportunity to experience these games the way they were intended on a real authentic arcade machine," says Michael Ware, owner of Dream Arcades. Plastic game pads make it difficult to execute complex moves in the heat of battle and handheld arcade control panels can be bulky sitting on your lap, but nothing can beat the experience of rubbing shoulders while you go head-to-head on your own arcade machine.

Dreamcade Impact Arcade Fighting Cabinet Features:

Available with both 19" and 29 Monitors Compatible with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC Comes with Hyper Street Fighter II - Anniversary Edition, Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike and Street Fighter IV Real Arcade Quality Controls built-in trackball works with both Windows and X-box 360

For more information about Impact, please contact James Hills at or call: 630-233-8336.

High resolution images are available.

About Dream Arcades LLC:

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Dream Arcades LLC is the leading manufacturer of home arcades and kits in North America. Since its founding in a Folsom, CA garage in 2002, the company has maintained their goal of providing low cost, high quality video arcades for home use. Dream Arcades believes everyone should be able to play arcade games in the home and they shouldn't be limited to a mouse and keyboard. Home arcades are a great way to have fun. Whether used to recall childhood memories with classics like Joust, Pac-Man or Missile Command or simply enjoy today's hit games with the family, Dream Arcades believes everyone should be able to experience Michael Ware's dream.


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