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Dream of Mirror Online

Second world, dubbed Sapphire, now open; contests launched.

California, U.S.A. (April 11, 2008) – Aeria Games is proud to announce the opening of its second world for Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO), which players have voted to name “Sapphire.” The new server marks a great time for players to start playing DOMO. A full announcement about the launch of the new server can be found on the DOMO website.

With the arrival of the new server Aeria Games has also announced they will be running two large contests to allow players to win free Aeria Points (AP), which can be used in DOMO’s item mall to purchase pets, costumes, consumables, and other great items!

The two contests have been titled “The DOMO Sprint” and “The DOMO 5K Race”. Players are encouraged to participate in both contests, but in order to be eligible they must play on “Sapphire” the new DOMO world.

Contest One: The DOMO Sprint

DOMO is awarding the first 20 players on Sapphire to reach level 40 (in any class) 2,500 AP.

Contest Two: The DOMO 5k Race

At the end of April the top 10 on the Sapphire leader board in the following categories will receive 500 AP:

• Fame

• Money

• Total Monsters Killed

Additional information about both of these contests can be found on the DOMO website.

About Aeria Games:

Aeria Games is the dynamic gaming community where players of all backgrounds and interests can connect, share, and enjoy an unparalleled variety of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games from all over the world.

Our vision is to provide the best Community Gaming Experience and Service to each and every one of our players and best of all, every game is FREE to Play! Start playing our games today by registering here for your Aeria Games account.

Founded in 2006, Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc. is based in Silicon Valley, California.

About Dream of Mirror Online:

Enter a world where you can team up with your friends to complete quests, create a wide variety of items using an easy to understand crafting system and create relationships that can last a lifetime.

Only in Dream of Mirror Online, a free-to-play massive multiplayer online game, can you express yourself using a wide range of emotes that you just can’t help but love. With the ability to fly, a unique relationship system, and a variety of adorable pets, Dream of Mirror Online provides an experience like no other.


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