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Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp

Dirk adventures forth again, this time on DSiWare.

GORMLEY, Ontario, Canada – December 20, 2010 – Digital Leisure Inc. a leading developer and publisher of console and handheld games, announced today the launch of Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp. The follow up to arcade classics Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace, the groundbreaking arcade games, designed exclusively for Nintendo's DSiWare™ service.

Sharpen your sword and get ready to guide Dirk the Daring as he races through time to save the beautiful Princess Daphne from the clutches of the Evil Wizard Mordroc in Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp. You'll journey through time to rescue the beautiful Princess Daphne by using your Nintendo DSi™ to move and wield your sword.

From legendary animator Don Bluth ('An American Tail', 'The Land Before Time') Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp allows you to play the heroic Dirk the Daring, who must stop the Evil Wizard Mordroc as he has kidnapped Princess Daphne and taken her through time! But you must hurry, for once the Casket of Doom has opened, Mordroc will place the Death Ring upon Daphne’s finger in marriage and she will be lost forever… in the Time Warp!

This classic can now be enjoyed on-the-go by a new generation of gamers on the Nintendo DSi!

Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp is available today in North America on DSiWare for 800 Nintendo DSi Points™.

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