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Downloadable games "most appealing aspect" of new DSi, says Doublesix

New multimedia functions offer up "interesting crossover opportunities" for the South Park developer

The digital distribution function for the new Nintendo DSi is "the most appealing aspect" of the console, according to Doublesix Games' studio head James Brooksby, who said it is made his studio "much more" inclined to develop games for the handheld.

Speaking to, Brooksby said he was excited by the new hardware iteration and that he could already see potential in developing games for the downloadable service.

"I always like a new or enhanced platform launch and this one looks good," he said. "The most appealing aspect for Doublesix is the downloading of games direct to the platform using Nintendo Points. Our focus is on digital distribution so this gives us another great platform to put some really innovative and fun games on."

Brooksby went on to explain that the additions didn't put the handheld at risk of becoming less of a games machine, saying that the multimedia functions could be used to develop more innovative titles.

"I think it has a split audience anyway, but the vast majority of the people buying DS's will think of it primarily as a games platform for some time to come," he commented. "There are some very interesting crossover opportunities that this could bring. It will be interesting to read more on the exact specifications and how featured the web browser and playback features are."

When asked if the redesign made it more likely for the studio to develop titles for the handled, he responded: "Much more and that makes me glad."

The Kuju owned studio focuses entirely on digital downloads for home consoles and PC, and is currently working on South Park for Xbox Live Arcade and Burn Zombie Burn! for the PlayStation Network and PC.

James Brooksby's interview with from July can be read here.

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