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Double Fusion Partners With Impact Mobile To Offer Integrated In-Game And Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Partnership Enables Double Fusion to Generate Real-Time Response-Based In-Game Campaigns, Allowing Advertisers and Publishers to Develop Direct Dialogues with Gamers

SAN FRANCISCO-May 11, 2006
-Premier in-game advertising company Double Fusion has partnered with mobile marketing leader Impact Mobile to offer advertisers the ability to combine the power and impact of in-game advertising with the direct response capabilities enabled on mobile phones. The partnership is expected to increase the rate of adoption of the in-game advertising medium among marketers that want to move beyond pure branding campaigns. In addition, participating game publishers will benefit through increased opt-in registration rates, and the ability to maintain connections with the gaming audience when they are not playing games.

Leveraging Impact's aggregation and custom service platform, Double Fusion now offers advertisers the ability to implement creative campaigns that utilize mobile opt-in responses. Advertisers and publishers can collaborate to produce more immersive campaigns that incorporate calls to action and open new revenue streams to benefit both parties.

Double Fusion provides advertisers the widest possible range of in-game advertising and marketing programs, from measured spot media buys all the way up to full-on immersive storyline integrations, and now adds to its offerings the ability to combine mobile response with in-game campaigns. The partnership with Impact Mobile is a testament to Double Fusion's commitment to go beyond the conventional execution of in-game placements, beyond billboard ad buys. Double Fusion believes in exploiting the creative potential of the in-game medium for the purposes of enhancing the end-user experience with more meaningful ad placements and unlocking the full advertising revenue potential of publisher's titles

The partnership between Double Fusion and Impact Mobile allows advertiser-sponsored messages activated in-game through dynamically-inserted ads which include a simple keyword and cross-carrier SMS shortcode allowing the gamer to opt-in and receive PINs, tips and other content via their cell phone. Messages can range from sponsored tips and tricks to secret game codes and Easter eggs to free or premium mobile content from the game, creating value for the gamer and higher ROI for the advertiser. Additionally publishers can utilize the mobile platform for value-add offerings such as enabling controls for persistent world games to direct character moves while the user is offline. Wireless instant messaging can connect gamers when not in the game world.

"Our deal with Impact Mobile allows us to enable our advertiser and publisher partners to expand their reach to gamers and include personalized, direct communication, with trackable results" said Ashley J. Swartz, senior director of creative strategy at Double Fusion. "Advertiser-sponsored content and information used in play is an incredibly powerful way to reach the heart of a gamer and create a positive brand experience for our advertisers. Impact Mobile's impressive background, expertise and connectivity to all major North American carriers make them the ideal partner for us."

Impact's expertise is the creation of customized mobile marketing platforms that allow brands and agencies to activate and measure their offline media buys.

"Double Fusion and Impact Mobile's partnership will further enhance the value of buying in-gaming media. Impact Mobile's automated marketing platforms will allow for dynamic, turnkey brand solutions. It will now be simple for a brand to open an on-going dialogue with mobile gamers and actively drive them to web or point-of-sale," said Gary Schwartz, president and chief executive officer of Impact Mobile.

Double Fusion is recognized as the independent leader in the in-game advertising space, with a full end-to-end solution for game publishers that couples easy-to-integrate yet powerful ad rendering technology with a powerful worldwide sales presence. For advertisers, Double Fusion brings together the widest range of creative options, in a large portfolio of titles from major publishers around the world. Advertisers, developers and publishers interested in learning more about Double
Fusion should contact Douglas Booms (

About Double Fusion

Founded in 2004, Double Fusion is the leading independent provider of in-game advertising technology and sales solutions. The company's technology allows publishers to integrate brands and product advertisements within connected PC and video games. Double Fusion's sales force and integration teams work directly with advertisers, developers, and content owners to ensure that advertising and marketing campaigns are seamlessly incorporated into each individual project. Going beyond traditional advertising mediums, Double Fusion creates immersive experiences that deliver music, video, 3D objects and fully integrated product placement. Double Fusion is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, Calif, and also has offices and sales affiliates in Los Angeles, New York, Jerusalem, London, and Shanghai.

About Impact Mobile

Founded in 2002, Impact Mobile has been an industry leader in promoting mobile as a media channel. Impact Mobile provides carriers, global agencies and brands ASP self-service marketing platforms for any aspect of their mobile marketing needs. In addition to connecting through national carriers to all mobile subscribers, Impact Mobile works with sports, music and other entertainment partners to provide a measurable and activated media buy for brands. Impact Mobile is privately held and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, and also has offices and sales affiliates in Los Angeles, New York, and Richmond.

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