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Dominions 3: The Awakening

New "patch of mightiness" takes it to version 3.21.

News Release: For Immediate Release

Hampstead, NC, 10 November 2008

So you're thinking to yourself that Illwinter Game Design, creators of the world's greatest fantasy turn-based strategy game for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, cannot keep making Dominions 3: The Awakening even better. There has to be some sort of plateau, right?

Wrong! The best keeps getting better! Hail to the new patch of mightiness!

Bringing the retail version of Dominions 3: The Awakening to version 3.21 the patch, available for all supported operating systems, provides new features, bug fixes, and new modding commands. Feast your eyes on the following:

• New summonable spirits for Jomon: Ujigami, Mori-no-kami, Kenzoku, [getting] Jigami [with], and Gozy Mezu (gesundheit!).

• Dom-kill rate now multiplied by 5 for R'lyeh dreamlands.

• Fixed battle enchantments not expiring when leaving the battlefield by unusual means (e.g. being immortal and getting killed, hopping away on giant killer bunnies).

• Shape changing could result in incorrect magic item loss. Fixed.

• Wishing for a non-unique item could remove too many items from the world. Fixed.

• Game could crash due to too many large units on the battlefield. Attempts to slim said units down using Weight Watchers failed to prevent crash. Went back to the old fashioned way of fixing code. Fixed.

• Fixed crash during turn generation.

• Improved cheat detection. Every game now comes with ninjas, ready to strike down cheating opponents. Wait, no? Bummer. But there is improved cheat detection. Just no ninjas.

• Many random events have had some fixes.

• Some rituals can now only be cast in certain terrain. For example, Hidden in Sand in waste, Cloud Vila in mountain, Nushi in swamp, and more.

• Hinnom PD reduced, start army reduced, and Popkillers gives some unrest.

• Avvite Chariot size 5, Dawn Guard 45, Melqart Blood 3, Ba'al Blood 2.

• Ba'al eat Melquart event reversed.

• Onmyo-ji has got a fortune teller ability and battle summons.

• New nation modding commands: #autoundead, #zombiereanim, #horsereanim, #wightreanim, #manikinreanim, #tombwyrmreanim, #domkill, #domunrest, #templecost, #labcost.

• New site modding commands: #mon, #com, #clear, #incscale, #decscale.

The patch can be downloaded directly from Shrapnel Games, publisher of Dominions 3: The Awakening, by visiting its official game page found below. Look for the download link to the right.

Dominions 3: The Awakening is a turn-based fantasy strategy title beloved around the world that years after its release is still going strong as ever, as should be obvious by the fact that fresh content is being added by the developers on a regular basis. It is also a prime example of the power of independent games, representing the true vision of the developers and not some attempt to please a focus group.

"Dominions 3 excels as a strategy game. A lot people point to the variety of options. Dozens of races, hundreds of spells - how could you not fall in love with that? For me, though, it's not really about the size. It could be a lot smaller and still not lose its central charm. The design beauty in Dominions 3 is the same, in many ways, as the design beauty in something as simple as Civilization or as fast paced as Company of Heroes: When do I make my move?" --Troy S. Goodfellow on his Flash of Steel.

"The sheer breadth of options and approaches, combined with decent artificial intelligence, makes Dominions 3 a great single-player game. But to truly appreciate the ultimate experience, you need to play online. You'll have no problem finding a multitude of online games that will welcome you, no matter what your level of experience, and an online game with 20 other players, divided into opposing and shifting alliances of nations, can provide an epic feel...." --Jeff Lackey at GameSpot.

Haven't gotten your copy yet? Tired of all the cool gamers making snide remarks because of this? Join the cool crowd by ordering your copy today! All through the month of November, Dominions 3: The Awakening is on sale for $6.00 off the retail price. Available only as a physical product, the game includes all three OS versions on one disc and comes with a thick tome of a manual.

Order your copy through our official online store, the Gamers Front:

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