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Dominic Wheatley is no longer CEO of Catalis Group

The firm's Curve Games and Testronic divisions will now be independently run by their respective CEOs

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Dominic Wheatley will be stepping down as CEO of the UK games firm Catalis Group.

He served in the role for 11 years and will be transitioning to the position of non-executive director at the company.

Catalis is the parent company of Curve Games and Testronic.

Both subsidiaries will now be operated separately by Curve Games CEO John Clark and Testronic CEO Mike Betti.

Wheatley said, "Catalis historically was made up of two different businesses, and that is what I inherited.

"Now, with Curve building its own set of studios such as Runner Duck and Iron Oak, and Testronic supplemented by Whyttest's studios in Romania and Serbia, Secret 6, plus Giant in the film and TV division, it's time to let each move to the next stage."

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