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First inter-server tournament to pit 353 characters head-to-head.

Roubaix, France – 03 August 2009 –DOFUS’ first inter-server tournament throws open its doors and allows players from different DOFUS communities to face off against each other.


The World of Twelve’s first inter-server tournament allows the best characters of all servers and all classes to face off against each other in epic combat. After a tough selection process based on two challenges (one of speed, the other of character), no less than 353 characters are about to challenge each other, much to the delight of the on-looking crowds! At the moment they are getting together into groups of 3 characters and will battle other teams during four weeks of exciting combat. At the end of these 4 weeks, the 64 best teams will face each other once more, until there is only one left. The winning team will then collect their laurel wreaths and several rewards, for themselves and for their server.


During the tournament, community challenges (in the form of riddles to solve, or groups of monsters to decimate, for example) will be organised in order to allow all players, whatever their level, to win points for their server. Each one will be able to show their team spirit by supporting their champions and fighting for their server to win the day!


As a tournament, Goultarminator unites players for the same cause, but it also corresponds to the DOFUS team’s desire to make events more exciting and dynamic.

Sylfaen, DOFUS Community manager, explains: “Goultarminator is the start of a new, exciting way of doing things for DOFUS’ Community manager team. The objective is simple: to strengthen the links within communities through competition. The event will allow the team to test new tools which will help us make this kind of event a regular thing.”


Following the appearance of a mysterious Zaap (teleportation gate) in the Treechnid Forest, terrible things have hit the World of Twelve, arousing anger in the local flora and fauna … but also spreading panic amongst the inhabitants of Amakna. The mystery was solved with the arrival of a letter from Goultard the Barbarian announcing a tournament allowing characters from each class and each server to face off against each other in teams in a unique event…

So let it be known! Goultarminator is just the beginning of a series of tournaments, each promising to be more amazing than the last!


Monday 3 August: Start of the tournament.

Saturday 29 August: Final.

Find out more about Goultarminator here.

The rules of the tournament are available here.

Note: a video of the tournament’s best moments will be put online on the official website.


About the ANKAMA Group

Founded by Anthony Roux, Camille Chafer and Emmanuel Darras in Roubaix in 2001, ANKAMA is an independent group which produces digital creations and employs over 350 people. The international success of the group’s MMORPG DOFUS, with more than 20 million players, enabled ANKAMA to branch out into several related industries: online games, publishing, animations, web design, press, mobile phone services, video games for next gen’ consoles. ANKAMA is also developing Wakfu, a crossmedia project composed of animated cartoon, video game, card game and comic book. For more information, visit our official website: www.ankama-group.com


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