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Disney adopts Pokemon-style expansion plan

Thierry Braille, managing director of Europe, has detailed plans to use content developed for games in other media

Thierry Braille, VP and GM of Disney Interactive Studio EMEA, has said that the company plans to use its games studios to create new IP that could cross over into other forms of media.

Speaking to, Braille explained how the media and entertainment company hoped to mimic the success of the Pokemon franchise by using the studios to create 20 per cent of its own stories and characters - with the idea that it could later be used in TV, film or print publications.

"The idea is that these new stories and franchises could resonate in other divisions... going from games to TV, from games to movies, from games to publication," said Braille.

"The goal is really to systematically make sure they have a potential to expand," he added.

The success of DS title Spectrobes has prompted the company to spin the franchise off into comic books and other consumer products, and upcoming racer Pure from recent acquisition Black Rock Studio could also be a brand with possibilities for further evolution beyond videogames.

"Spectrobes is definitely one. I think Pure is another one, this is such a fun game," said Braille

"Really, we have enormous hope on this one."

The full's interview with Thierry Braille can be read here.

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