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Digitiser And Mr. Biffo Take Over Disposable Media Magazine For 10th Edition

Former Digitiser editor and regular Edge columnist Mr. Biffo designs spectacular cover and looks at the state of children's television in 10th edition of Disposable Media magazine.

United Kingdom, 18th February 2008 - Former editor of Teletext's legendary Digitiser magazine, Mr. Biffo - otherwise known as Paul Rose - has come together with Disposable Media to celebrate the 10th edition of the magazine.

In a nod to Digitiser's 10 year run, in which it could boast a readership of 1.5 million, Rose has designed Disposable Media's most unique, and possibly best, cover since launch - featuring an entire band of Digitiser's most-loved characters.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Rose takes time out to talk about one of his other loves: writing for children's television. In an interview with DM's Film & TV editor Keith Andrew, Rose - whose TV work includes writing for My Parents Are Aliens, Sooty, EastEnders and Armstrong & Miller - tells the magazine that kids TV is currently at a crossroads.

"To be honest, the only major broadcaster that really has any children's output is the BBC," he states. "It's a wretched situation, but if I was a commercial broadcaster I'd have probably done the same thing; you can't justify spending millions on shows which are watched by just a fraction of the audience, and don't generate significant advertising revenue."

However, Rose believes that there is hope for the future - "What's changing is that there's more focus on family shows - Doctor Who, Robin Hood, Primeval et al," he continues. "Both the BBC and ITV are developing more of this kind of Saturday teatime telly. Doctor Who has been such a hit that there's no way it won't inspire that next generation. I think it's telling, though, that my daughter wants to make video games when she grows up."

Disposable Media is also proud to announce that it will publish an exclusive interview with Rose in its next issue (11), with the man formally known as Biffo looking back at Digitiser five years since it closed its much-celebrated doors.

Issue 10 of Disposable Media, which is available for free download in PDF format at, went live on Monday 18th February, 2008, and - as well as Biffo's exciting contributions - also features an exclusive interview with legendary games developer Suda51 about recent Wii release No More Heroes, a look back at Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat on GameCube, the revelation that is DM's Game of the Year 2007, and the usual reviews of the top titles released since the last issue.

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