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Digital Extremes to develop Homefront PC

Canadian studio to take add new "features and options" for platform's multi-player

THQ has revealed the identity of the developer taking on the PC version of Homefront as Canada-based Digital Extremes.

The team will work with Kaos Studios - the developer working on the console versions - and the publisher is hoping that a specific PC developer will send a strong positive message to gamers on that platform after a string of high profile shooters in the past year that have considered it secondary to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Digital Extremes is expecting to ship the in the same timeframe as the console version - early calendar 2011 - and plans to add a host of additional features and options for the platform's multi-player element.

"We're building on the great game that Kaos Studios is making and enhancing it with specific PC relevant features," explained Frank De Lise, executive producer at Digital Extremes. "PC players will be able to set up and host Homefront dedicated servers and enjoy additional community features including clan support.

"We believe the core PC first-person-shooter fan will really appreciate these features, which are becoming increasingly rare."

And GM of Kaos Studios, David Votypka, added: "Digital Extremes has a superb track record in PC development. While the team here at Kaos is completely focused on the core Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Homefront, our partnership with Digital Extremes means that PC gamers can look forward to a version of the game tailored to the demands of the discerning PC gamer."

Homefront is set in a near future where North Korea has occupied the US and systematically drained it of resources, and will be one of THQ's strong hopes as a new IP in the years ahead.

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