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Die Gute Fabrik halts production

Funding gap forces Saltsea Chronicles studio to disband at least temporarily as entire team looks for new roles

Die Gute Fabrik is done for now, as the studio announced today that it stopped work last week after being unable to land funding for its next project.

While the studio emphasized that it will continue looking for funding in the hopes of resuming production, it also said the entire team is looking for new roles, including CEO and creative director Hannah Nicklin and studio co-owner and artistic director Nils Deneken.

The Die Gute Fabrik business entity will continue to service the studio's old games, and the plan is for Deneken to take over as CEO if the studio is able to find funding "in future years."

"We've been making games since 2008, and are so proud of the work we've put out and the people we've made it with," the studio said in a post on BlueSky. "Thank you for playing our games."

The studio's most recent game was Saltsea Chronicles, which launched on Steam, PS5, and Switch in October.

It was critically well received, including a five-star review from our sister site Eurogamer, but sales did not measure up to the reception. While the game boasts a 98% positive user review rate on Steam, it has 71 reviews in total as of this writing.

Die Gute Fabrik's other projects include 2019's Mutazione and a pair of PlayStation Move showcase titles in Sportsfriends and Johann Sebastian Joust, the latter of which won the Innovation Award at the 2012 Game Developers Choice Awards.

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