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Devworks Releases First Images Of Its New Game: Gods Of The Virtual Boards

A game based on Nostradamus' prophecies, this is the new product of DEVWORKS aimed at the public over 30 (including casual players in search of challenge). The story is daring - the phenomena of nature, under the gods' control, are devastating the planet. In order to interrupt the destruction, it is necessary to engage battles against 7 gods. This time the confrontation is not physical, but intellectual.

The game, which is being developed by the Brazilian studio, Devworks, has an apocalyptic plot based on real facts. It explains Nostradamus' X.72 century as being the event of August 11th, 1999, when an alignment of stars in the sky formed a cosmic cross on the same day of the solar eclipse. That alignment was the sign that the destruction was to begin.

The artificial intelligence algorithms that control the gods' actions are among the highlights of the game. They work based in search by exhaustion, which becomes possible to calculate the innumerable game probabilities, in some moments, making it look like that the gods are foreseeing the future. Each one of the seven modalities of games corresponds to strategy games based on board and it is full of beautiful visual and sound effects.

The first images of the game can be seen at the address Images with higher resolution can be found in the following link:

The Trailer that gives us a good idea about the atmosphere in which the game is inserted can be seen in the link

About the game "Gods of the Virtual Boards":

Platform: PC

Publisher: N/A

Developer: Devworks Game Technology

Main Target-Audience: 30+

About Devworks:

Devworks Game Technology ( is the leading game developer in Brazil. It develops games for four different platforms: Web, mobile, PC, and console.

More information:

Marcelo Carvalho (

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