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Develop confirms final speaker line-up

Brighton Conference to feature UK Minister for Culture in special address

The impending Develop in Brighton Conference has confirmed its nine keynote speakers, as well as a special address from Conservative MP Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture.

The event is set to run between July 13-15, with two separate conferences, seven tracks, 85 sessions and an expected audience of around 1,200 attendees.

As well as the special address from Ed Vaizey, the six main keynote speeches include an opening presentation from BioWare co-founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka. The art keynote will be given by Pixar technical director Andrew Dayton; audio keynote by Activision's Adam Levenson; and business keynote by Jagex's Mark Gerhard.

On Thursday 15 the conference keynote will be given by Double Fine president and founder Tim Schafer; with the design keynote by Rare creative director George Andreas.

Evolve keynote addresses will be given by Louis Castle of Instant Action and David Helgason of Unity Technologies. A production keynote focused on the Doctor Who downloadable games will be given by Charles Cecil, Sean Millard of Sumo, and Iain Tweedale of BBC Wales Interactive.

"With the launch of new technologies, the rapid rise of new formats and the increasing diversity of new methods of development, sales and distribution, Europe no longer has a 'traditional' games industry as such, that’s why this year’s Develop in Brighton Conference looks way beyond 'traditional' gaming to offer our most varied content and extensive networking social calendar to date," said event director Andy Lane of Tandem Events.

Further information can be found at the official website. A GamesIndustry.biz exclusive preview of the event, and interview with organiser Andy Lane, can be read here.