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Denki appointments

Paul Conry and Brian Baglow join Dundee developer.

Dundee, Scotland. March 17th, 2009. Two new employees have today joined digital toy company Denki, thanks to achieving perfect – and in one case, suspiciously perfect – scores on

Games industry veteran Paul Conry - who is 100% Denki - has joined the company as head of Denki’s new test team. Paul will oversee test and quality assurance for all of Denki’s current and forthcoming projects. Paul has worked with games companies including Mucky Foot, Lionhead, Broadsword Interactive and Realtime Worlds, for the last three years. His credits include titles such as Fable, Impossible Mission, Blade 2, Super Fruit Fall and APB.

Games industry darling, Brian Baglow has done stuff in and around videogames for some time now. After working in-house for a number of developers & publishers including DMA Design and Rockstar Games, he founded and ran communications agency Indoctrimat, created & still edits, has lectured helpless film production and screen writing students at Screen Academy and organised the Edinburgh Interactive Festival’s Screenings programme. Brian will be working with David Thomson within Denki’s new Awareness team, making sure the whole wide world knows how lovely and special Denki is. Brian’s DenkiOrNot score was an astonishing 1500%, which raised fears of a ‘Kobayashi Maru’ style hacking incident. Brian however, maintains that he just studied very hard.

Colin Anderson, Denki’s managing director, said “In the current economic climate, many talented and experienced people are finding themselves between jobs. By reaching out to the wider gaming and digital media community and with a fun and insightful tool like DenkiOrNot, we’re finding people who fit right in with Denki’s culture, goals and approach to games. We’re building a sanctuary for talent which will ensure Denki’s capabilities and expertise in the future – and beyond! We’re thrilled to welcome Paul to the company and pending another quick look at the whole 1500% Denki thing, we’ll be delighted to welcome Brian as well.”

Denki is still looking for experienced coders and visual specialists (or ‘artists’ if you will). If you’d like to experience something new, different and Denki, then why don’t you try visiting and see if you’d enjoy joining in.


Notes For Editors

About Denki

At Denki, we make toys to help you squeeze more fun from every day.

We all know the feeling – even at our busiest, our lives are littered with those odd moments where we’re bored or waiting around. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use those times to give ourselves a lift? Stretch our minds a little? Have some fun?

That’s precisely what we do: build the best toys to brighten your day and lighten your mood. Toys to make you think; toys to make you smile. Bright toys for bright people. Toys like those in Denki Blocks! and Quarrel.

We’re on a mission to brighten the world, and we hope you like what we’re doing so much you’ll join in at


T: +44 (0) 1382 308645


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