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Demonware releases best practice document for Ad Hoc wireless networking

Dublin, Ireland, 30th November 2004

Demonware, the network middleware company today announced the publication of the Multiplayer Game Design for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: A Brief Overview for Game Designers and Programmers. Demonware's work in the wireless networking area has led in recent weeks to the delivery of a working document on best practices emerging in wireless networking. A copy of this document can be found at

"We are seeing a massive jump in development for ad hoc platforms in the last few months. The networking issues surrounding these new formats for gameplay are not insurmountable but they require a good working knowledge of wireless networking. With our own background and experience with various studios on multiplayer titles, we thought the development community might find a document like this useful. We are all really in this together as the various platforms evolve and more becomes known of their capabilities'" said Sean Blanchfield, CTO Demonware, speaking at the launch.

Demonware's flagship network product, BitDemon 1.5, provides a risk-free and quick route to multiplayer. It is available for Xbox, PS2, PC and Linux with imminent support for PSP. BitDemon has a developer-friendly C++ API and ships with full source. It supports both client/server and peer-to-peer games. Features include efficient encryption, packet amalgamation, delta compression, client-side prediction and host migration. BitDemon is widely regarded as the most developer-friendly state engine available and is being used in a number of AAA titles being released on console platforms in 2005.

Multiplayer games require a variety of network techniques to enable people across the world to play against each other over the Internet. BitDemon provides studios with the network technology required to develop these games, and also to quickly port between supported platforms: PS2, Xbox, PC and PSP.

To evaluate BitDemon 1.5 check out

About Demonware

Demonware is a network software company which provides the technology for multiplayer computer games enabling people around the world to play against each other over the internet.

Demonware's BitDemon software allows developers on Sony, Microsoft and PC platforms to deliver seamless multiplayer gameplay to their customers. As a tried and tested network middleware product, it allows developers to reduce development time and risk while focusing on their gameplay. Interested developers should contact the team through

Demonware was founded by Dylan Collins and Sean Blanchfield in 2002 in Dublin, Ireland and works with many of the worlds leading developers, publishers and game technology providers to deliver leading edge network gameplay at speeds gamers want.

Contact Information

Communications Director: Paul Hayes



T: +353-1-873-3682

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