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Dawn's Light

Zelda-style RPG adventure available for download now.

John Wizard Games ( is proud to release their first title, Dawn's Light. Dawn's Light puts players in the role of Harvey, a young man with a lust for revenge. After his whole family is taken from him, he swears vengeance and goes on a quest that will take him around the world. Along the way he’ll meet many strange characters. Dawn’s Light promises no random battles, no boring quests and no grinding areas. The pace is always fast and you always know where to go thanks to the intuitive journal system which keeps track of all quests, sidequests, statistics and much more.

Dawn's Light is full of sidequests and enjoyable extras, reminiscent of previous classics such as Zelda, Chrono Trigger and Aveyond! The sidequests are varied and plentiful. Whether you’re hunting down tricksters disguised as sheep or delivering coffee to an arrogant slime, the quests can involve just about anything, and in the light of dawn, they often do.

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- Unique journal system with 100 quests to track!

- Tons of side quests to keep you busy and complete your quest journal!

- Unique dungeons with challenging puzzles!

- Multiple outfits for each character!

- Epic storyline spanning over 25 islands across 5 different continents!


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