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Darling promises support for UK games industry

Chancellor offers measures similar to film industry; "we need to keep British talent in this country"

The chancellor, Alistair Darling, has promised support for the UK games industry in today's Budget.

Although full details are yet to be revealed, the chancellor promised measures that will be similar to those currently aimed at reinvigorating the British film industry.

"Our creative industries are a huge source of jobs, wealth and pride," said Darling. "I will offer help to the computer games sector similar to the steps which are helping to restore the fortunes of the British film industry.

"This is a highly successful, growing industry, with half its sales coming from exports and we need to keep British talent in this country."

Earlier this month the minister for Digital Britain, Stephen Timms, told the government would address the case for videogame tax relief in the UK, stating that the interactive entertainment industry was one which can help the country recover from wider economic problems.

"I think there's no doubt - the government is in no doubt - that the computer games sector is one part of the economy where we can see very good prospects for growth in the future, he said.

"So we're looking at the industry in a new way as we're looking at the economy in a new way – as one of the contributors to what we need to see in the UK as we come out of this very deep and difficult economic worldwide problem."

More details of the tax relief plan can be read here.

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