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DarkStar One: Broken Alliance

Taking a closer look at the alien races.

Bracknell, UK 22nd June, 2010 – The universe of DarkStar One - Broken Alliance is populated with six distinct alien races, each featuring a rich history and personality. As a follow-up to our recent release of information about the Terran, Raptor and Mortok races, today Kalypso Media USA is pleased to unveil the Thul, Arrack and Oc'to races from the game. Now available for download, Part 2 of the "Alien Races Overview, looks at the ships and tactics or these races, so players may be better prepared when facing them in furious combat or face-to-face negotiations in DarkStar One - Broken Alliance.

Ready to don your space-suit and blast into the adventure of a lifetime? DarkStar One – Broken Alliance is your chance to do just that, as it combines fast and furious in-the-cockpit starship combat with a deep storyline involving love, family, betrayal and mysterious alien races.

Play as Kayron Jarvis, a young and ambitious spacefaring adventurer as he attempts to unravel a family mystery, braving the depths of space, encounters mysterious aliens and blasts his enemies to dust in his uniquely customizable ship - the DarkStar One.

Developed by Gaming Minds Studio, part of the Kalypso Media Group, DarkStar One – Broken Alliance is presented in stunning full 1080p HD and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound and is out now in the UK for the Xbox 360 ® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft ® . For more information visit the official website at

- Ships Overview Pt 2 -

Six different life forms populate the game world of DarkStar One – Broken Alliance. Each features a distinct racial persona, which carries over not only into their actions and reactions to the player, but is featured in their ship and base designs, and their technologies.

In DarkStar One – Broken Alliance, the unstable peace between the races is frequently disrupted by quarrels and conflicts. The different ideologies of the races constantly cause skirmishes at the borders, espionage and disruptions.

While travelling through space the player will always find ample opportunities to take advantage of these conflicts. After all, your increasing need for better weapons and equipment must be funded somehow – and taking on jobs as cargo escort, bounty hunter or freight hauler for one race or another are a great way to earn those necessary credits.

In our previous feature, we offered a brief look at the ships favoured by the Terrans, Motok and Raptor. In this feature, we’ll be looking at the Oc’to, Arrack and the Thul.


Oc’to ships usually attack their opponents head-on. During battle they drop small drones which are able to fire autonomously, causing damage and distraction. A large number of these drones pose a considerable combined force of firepower.

The ships of the Oc’to do them proud, reflecting the bio-organic ancestry, with shapes resembling deep-sea creatures.


The Arrack are a race that resemble insects. They are able to fold space temporarily and they rely mainly on this technique when in battle. When they are pursued, they are able to shift their position instantly by several meters. Usually, this manoeuvre is combined with a sharp braking action.

The shapes and agile movements of the Arrack’s ships resemble insects.


The Thul rely mainly on their ability to cloak when in battle. They become visible and open fire when their bow weapons are fully charged. As soon as their energy level has dropped to almost zero, they activate their cloaking device again, which renders their ships nearly invisible.

The Thul are masters of aesthetics. Their ships are made of precious materials and feature smooth, rounded shapes.

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