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Dark Harvest

Evil vegetable-growing match-3 puzzler for the iPhone.

Bellevue, WA (October 13, 2009) . Red Rocket Games, creators of iPhone games with irreverent humor, original scores, and unique gameplay, has just released "Dark Harvest". This eerily addictive game is a unique take on Match-3 gameplay. In "Dark Harvest", the goal is not just to match 3 and clear the board, but also to grow a garden of evil vegetables. To do this, you need to go on an Adventure, where each level cleared gives the player an evil vegetable to grow. Fill up all 30 vegetables in your garden, and you are the ultimate winner. If you don't have time for a full adventure and just need a quick fix, you can also choose to play a "Quick Play" game of any unlocked level. For only $2.99, this spooky and haunting game will have you playing until next Halloween.


In "Dark Harvest" the gameplay is simple . shoot chemical orbs into a cloud. Touch the screen to aim and release your finger to shoot. A helpful on-screen trajectory helps you aim. Orbs stick to each other on contact. Three or more orbs of the same color that are stuck together burst, creating rain. However, if you don't match the orbs quickly enough, other balls will fill the screen, ending your game. Meet the required number of matches to finish the level, and an evil vegetable is yours to grow. Collect all 30 crazy, evil plants, and browse them in your garden at any time.

Meet the Evil Vegetables

These maniacal creatures are just a sampling of the evilness you can grow in this game: vegetables to grow in this game:

Pumpkin - Name is Jim. Jack-O-Lantern's little brother is making a name of his own. The unspoken leader among the spawned, inedible produce, Linus is pure evil in pumpkin form. He will not let you rest. He will not let you sleep. Olive - Name is Pop-Eye. From the realm of the Dead Sea, Pop-Eye is from a vampiric breed The Ultimate Destroyer of olives spawned by that came into form as olives. Practiced in the art of deception, he often teams up with Tanqueray to concoct the deadly liquid: Dirty Martini. Tomato - Name is Bastard Tom. ...and so the papa tomato said, "ketchup." Don't wait around for him to splat. It's way to messy. Revenge is best served cold. Years before, his brothers invaded a small town and were wiped out clean spills. It's his turn to make us splat! Eggplant - Name is Josef Melanzana. Cold, calculating, and delicious when lightly grilled with olive oil. He craves for power and wants to rule the world. Potato - The Brothers Spud. Not smart. Not savvy. But dependable, determined, and fattening. Couch potatoes beware! These one-eyed twins feed on the lazy. Lettuce - Name is Lascivious Letty. Sinister and vain, Letty is the storied seductress of the plant kingdom The Nutz Brother s - Meet Harry, Stinky, Tiny, and Deez. Chinese Cabbage - Name is Pechay Wombok. Pechay Wombok's hermit like personality hides his true colors. "Your mind is not your own... bwahahaha." He causes hypnotic airwaves that disrupt your happy thoughts and make them into nightmares. Bellpepper - Name is Bella Peppah. Whadda man. Whadda man. Whadda mighty good man.

Key Dark Harvest Features:

Power Ups - 6 power ups help you get through the levels. Bonus Levels and veggies - Once you have cleared "Dark Harvest's" 30 levels, you can enjoy more evil vegetable growing with 6 more bonus levels and 6 more hidden evil veggies. Community Features - After a level of "Dark Harvest" is finished, players can challenge and flaunt their score to their friends quickly by clicking on "Challenge". This automatically launches them into a user's email system to quickly share scores. It also includes a "Facebook Connect" button to share your evil garden's riches with friends and associates. Leaderboard Features - Scores can a be posted on local and global leaderboards simply by pressing "Local" or "Global" in the Options Menu. Eerie Soundtrack - Just in time for Halloween, "Dark Harvest" offers an eerie soundtrack that doesn't distract from the gameplay. In fact, it helps you know when you need to start clearing the level faster.

About Red Rocket Games

Red Rocket Games is a game development studio and publisher of iPhone games. It focuses on creating accessible and fun, yet deep, casual downloadable games for the iPhone, PC, and online markets that appeal to all players, whether beginner or pro. Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, with development in Shanghai, the company is dedicated to creating personal gaming experiences that are unique every time a game is played. Since the beginning of 2009, Red Rocket Games has launched two rhythm-oriented downloadable games, MEVO & the Grooveriders and Little Runner, for both the PC and iPhone, "Mr. Hand in the Hand Who Loved Me" for the iPhone and iTouch, and has a suite of new titles in development. More information about Red Rocket Games can be found at

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