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Dara O'Briain's Go 8 Bit cancelled after three series

Co-creator Steve McNeil working with ESL UK to find ways to bring something similar to online and traditional broadcast platforms

British broadcaster UKTV has decided against commissioning another series of Dara O'Briain's Go 8 Bit.

First aired in 2016, the show was based on a live event and saw celebrities competing in various multiplayer (and sometimes single-player) challenges from video games of all eras.

The news emerged this week as the official Twitter account for the Dave channel (on which Go 8 Bit aired) responded to a viewer query as to when the series would return.

"After three great series of Go 8 Bit we don't have plans for any more," the broadcaster tweeted. "We're hugely grateful to everyone who watched and enjoyed the show."

The show's co-creator and one of its two team captains Steve McNeil later revealed via Twitter than the UKTV Play account confirmed this to another viewer two weeks ago.

More befuddling is that this week's tweet is how McNeil discovered his own show had been cancelled.

He later tweeted that he is working with ESL UK managing director James Dean "on a bunch of new ways to bring you shows like Go 8 Bit and Go 8 Bit DLC online and on traditional broadcast platforms."

"I knew it was very unlikely Go 8 Bit was coming back, but the tweets were the first time I realised it was definitely over," McNeil added. "The guys at [UKTV and Dave] have always been very supportive. By all means be sad Go 8 Bit's come to an end, but be nice. They're nice."

Our sister site Eurogamer spoke to the show's gaming expert (and former Eurogamer writer) Ellie Gibson about the closure. She said she was saddened by the closure but "extremely proud of the three series we did and it was an honour to be on the show."

UPDATE: UKTV has reached out to, with a spokesperson saying that the firm's commissioning editor contacted McNeil, Gibson and co-host Sam Pamphilon back in May to inform them it was "very unlikely the show would return".

Additionally, the broadcaster tweeted to McNeil that a return has not been permanently ruled out: "We are genuinely incredibly sad about this. We love the show & are immensely proud of the three great series. We never say never but for now are basking in the warm glow of having made some great telly with you Steve."

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