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Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!

Graphical update received.

24 Sept. 2009 — Mousechief, Co. announces a stylish update to 'Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!' Over 60 characters were re-illustrated, for a more vibrant, um, stained and aged look of a board game discovered in your great-grandma's attic...

After considering recent reviews, which Metacritic currently, solidly composites at 81, Mousechief decided to improve the one aspect that underperformed, its overall graphical look.

Originally released in June 2008, sales continue to beat the quick-death trend of most games in its class. This week, Stardock joins the online distributors of DHSGiT from their Impulse site:

DHSGiT has been racking up kudos for a while.

At the start of 2009, the Writers Guild of America nominated 'Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!' for Best Writing in a videogame, ranking it with Fallout-3, Star Wars: Force Unleashed, C&C RA3, and Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Dec 2008 - Adventure G.O.T.Y., Innovation G.O.T.Y., and #4 G.O.T.Y, by

Oct 2008 - Finalist in the IndieCade international games festival.

Oct 2007 - Awarded Most Innovative Game by the Casual Game Association.

DHSGiT is an easily learned game of whimsically 'naughty' mini-games, literary satire, and adventurous role-playing. This is the game where good girls get better by being bad! Because you know, "Well-behaved women seldom make history."

It is not intended for children and has been rated TEEN using the T.I.G.R.S. rating system.

About Mousechief Co.

Founded in 2003, Mousechief is lead by a 16 year veteran of the gaming industry. Working with talents of fine-art illustrators and established musicians, Mousechief crafts unique, interactive experiences for all sorts of gamers. "We put mischief in your mouse."

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