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Daily Mail unleashes rant over "most violent" MadWorld

The paper, along with Mediawatch-uk, warns that the title will "spoil" the Wii's reputation - and calls for a ban

Sega's upcoming title MadWorld has been branded as the "most violent ever" game by British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail, which has been used as a soapbox for Mediawatch-uk to call for a pre-emptive ban.

The paper expressed shock that the violent game is a Nintendo Wii exclusive, which it warned would ruin the console's "innocent" image as a family-friendly device. John Beyer, director of Mediawatch-uk - a campaign group for "decency" in media - called for the BBFC to step in and ban MadWorld.

"This game sounds very unsavoury," Beyer said. "I hope the British Board of Film Classification will view this with concern and decide it should not be granted a classification."

"Without that it cannot be marketed in Britain. What the rest of world does is up to them. We need to ensure that modern and civilised values take priority rather than killing and maiming people."

"It seems a shame that the game's manufacturer have decided to exclusively release this game on the Wii," he added. "I believe it will spoil the family fun image of the Wii."

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