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DAGERSystem launches Accessible Games Database

Resource lets users search check titles for specific accessibility options

Non-profit organisation DAGERSystem has released the Accessible Games Database, a new resource that organises games by their accessibility options.

The database lets users search through a number of titles to view the available features, as well as choose specific requirements -- such as button remapping or adjustable text -- to see which titles have them.

As of writing, the database includes 144 titles, ranging from AAAs from the likes of Ubisoft, PlayStation and Xbox Game Studios, to indie offerings from Annapurna Interactive and Team17.

The site will continue to be updated with more games over time, as well as more accessibility filters, as the current range is "by no means final", as noted via DAGERSystem's Twitter.

The database also has a suggestions tab for users to suggest games and features for inclusion as it develops.

Accessibility is a prominent conversation in games, and one we're keen to spotlight. Last week, we published an Academy guide on accessibility options and spoke to several specialists about how the industry at large can make their titles as inclusive as possible.

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