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Cymon's Games

The BBS returns as retro type-in site gets a redesign.


Lehi, Utah, USA - September 15, 2009

Cymon's Games, the site that is bringing back the type-ins for a new generation, has gone through a site redesign just a week before its wave-making game ASCIIpOrtal goes live featuring another revival: the Bulletin Board System.

Joe Larson of Cymon's Games ( made waves in July with a video demonstrating the features of his up coming game "ASCIIpOrtal." Using extended-ASCII to express a side view portal game, ASCIIpOrtal brought something new to the mix with a dynamic view type that blew minds and was featured on Boing Boing, OffWorld, Kotaku, Wired, Joystiq, Rock-Paper-Shotgun, SlashDot, and many other websites. The traffic load crashed Cymon's Games as well as its parent site RetroRemakes prompting Cymon's Games to move to its own site where it is now independently hosted. Now, 2 months later, ASCIIpOrtal is nearing completion and a release date has been set for September 22nd.

Cymon's Games was redesign to ease navigation as well as to add another retro revival with the addition of the Broken Bubble BBS. Before the internet as we know it, during the time period from 1970 to 1990, Bulletin Board Systems were what it meant to be "online". Text based and transmitted through a modem BBSs provided message boards, file downloads, and social gaming. May of these "doors" games on BBSs have no equal in the modern world. The Broken Bubble BBS runs several of these classic BBS games, as well as featuring new game created by it's Sysop MCMLXXIX.

Company Information:

Cymon's Games is inspired by the type-in programs of yester-year with the goals providing a teaching resource (book) that teaches C/C++ programming through examples and tutorials, and feature a game a week with source code.

Contact Information

Cymon's Games

Web Administrator: Joseph Larson

Lehi, Utah, USA


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