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iPhone puzzler from Costa Rica, with promo codes available.

From the developer of Wackylands Green for Apple iPhone™ and Apple iPod touch® comes CubeHead – a hilarious, colorful, fun and addicting take on the Match-3 puzzle genre.

Having been exiled many years ago by his unhappy subjects, the wily king CubeHead has returned and seeks to recover his throne. Your task is to help the Cubies fight back and protect the kingdom before it is too late! Beware though, as protecting the kingdom is not as easy as you might think: Not only do you play against the clock; you also have a limited amount of energy available to succeed.

If you can match Cubies in lines or columns of 3 or more, you can score points and defeat king CubeHead. You will encounter funny little animated Cubies, bombs, hidden prizes, and booby traps as you compete against time. But you must also be careful to conserve your energy and avoid unnecessary moves. Special tiles can help you in your quest, or get in your way. By successfully completing each level, you could potentially be good enough to earn yourself a spot on the high score table. Expect to develop an uncanny ability to speedily maneuver tiles as CubeHead challenges your mind! The game features intuitive and simple-to-learn controls, in-game tips, 3 difficulty levels, pause and automatic save and resume functionality.

Journalists interested in receiving a promo code for CubeHead are encouraged to contact press@indiedeveloperconsulting.com. For further information about CubeHead please visit the developer website at www.fairplaylabs.com and the dedicated game website at www.cubeheadgame.com

CubeHead is available from the App Store here:


CubeHead Trailer video is available here:


Fair Play Labs

Fair Play Labs is an independent game development studio based out of Costa Rica, a beautiful and peaceful country known for its efforts in nature conservation and restoration. The company offers experience in all areas of game development including licensed and original intellectual property, and provides outsourcing services for the digital interactive entertainment and edutainment industries.


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