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Conquer Online

Eighth anniversary celebration coming soon. And hopefully before the ninth one.

Since the release in 2003, CO has proven itself to be one of the most successful MMOs of its genre, spawning several expansion packs and subsequent titles, and introducing millions of players to the ancient Chinese martial arts world.

Time passes by, but the memories remain! For most MMO gamers, a long stretch of time doesn't just mean more quests, storylines, or other new content added to the game. What matters most are the special memories and experiences that they harvest from the world they inhabit. MMOs truly are virtual worlds, and they are always changing over time and becoming richer places for players to be. Conquer Online is no exception.

Keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting, while not losing its original style, is one of the greatest challenges for a developer. After 8 years of adventure, danger, and story-telling, CO shows no signs of stopping! With 7 language versions, 6 expansion packs, 3 new classes, hundreds of new features and a lot more additions on the way, Conquer Online has done an exceptional job in this aspect.

But nothing would have been achieved without the support of the vast player community. Ninja, Monk, steed system, Classic CO server and many more other features - most of these brilliant ideas are considered the games most important additions in recent years, and they were all what CO's players had been requesting.

Having a long-term community can make things a lot more interesting. Players can be more vocal, more accurate when describing an issue, and much more passionate about what they want. After all, many of them have spent years building their characters. And of course, TQ have to be aware that they have new players joining the fray, and this group is one of the most important elements to the whole picture. The team has to consider options for both groups of players. The developers learned from past experiences and went the extra mile to put in what players like, and to leave out what they don't like.

So after 8 years of providing adventure and fun for hundreds of thousands of players, where does Conquer Online go next? There's no doubt that the game is going to continue to put out content, and get even bigger and better in the future.

Here's hoping we see many, many more years of Conquer Online adventures. Whether you are a long-time player or you have just recently considered diving into the world of Conquer, you will find a decade of stories, player interaction, and exciting adventure in store!

Conquer Online 8th Anniversary Celebration coming soon. Stay tuned!

About Conquer Online:

Conquer Online is a leading free2play MMORPG with a persistent world devoted to ancient Chinese Kungfu and magic.

In the mythical and ancient Kung Fu circle, there was an evil guild that had risen to power and dominated the once peaceful world. Living under its terror, a group of courageous men and women gathered as one to improve upon their lot.

Conquer Online is published by renowned Chinese-based online games publisher TQ Digital -


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