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Combat Mission: Shock Force

Video After-Action Report contest launched, with a Matrox TripleHead2Go the top prize.

Monday, 09 June 2008

Press information for immediate release!

Win a Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition multi-screen Surround Gaming Module (a $329 value)!

(Second prizes: free copies of the upcoming Module Combat Mission Shock Force – Marines; a $25 value each)

Official VAAR contest page:

Discussion/Questions/Recording Tips:

What do you need to do to win?

• record a gameplay video from a Shock Force combat mission

• record your voice narration (or subtitles) over it

• upload the video(s) to YouTube and submit it to the VAAR Contest Group at the Battlefront YouTube channel

• wait until you’re picked as the winner

Combat Mission Shock Force is one of the most detailed and accurate simulations of modern tactical ground combat ever designed. It’s not an action game, but requires thoughtful military strategy and tactics in order to win.

We want you to share your tactics, bold moves and brilliant maneuvers with other players! And we’re going to give you something for it, too. Sponsored by hardware manufacturer Matrox Graphics, you can win a hot TripleHead2Go Digital Edition multi-screen Surround Gaming Module!

Contest Rules:

In order to be eligible to win a Prize, all contestants need to accept the following Rules. Failure to accept the rules automatically excludes a participant and all his entries from the contest., Inc. reserves the right to alter the Rules without prior notice.

• Recorded visual video content needs to be solely depicting gameplay action from the game Combat Mission Shock Force, with the latest patches installed – i.e. v1.08 or newer – or from the latest demo version available (v1.07 or newer).

• By submitting an entry in the contest, the author grants, Inc. unlimited, irreversible and royalty-free rights to use the submitted materials in public, in any way, shape or form, without restrictions.

• The use of copyrighted materials is not allowed. Each participant warrants that any materials he is using are free of copyright and other restrictions, and agrees to indemnify, Inc. fully from any such claims., Inc. reserves the rig ht to reject and remove any materials from the contest, at any time and without prior notice.

• Each submitted video needs to include a voice narration, or subtitles. The visual and audio contents are to be free from inappropriate materials, such as sexual or racist remarks, excessive violence and other offending contents, but other than that can include whatever the author deems fit, e.g. an explanation of the tactics used by the player, reactions to the moves of the enemy and so forth.

• The winners are determined by a board of jurors formed by, Inc. employees. User votings for the videos on the YouTube channel are taken into account but are not the sole determining factor.

• Winners will be announced publicly within a few weeks after the contest is closed, and wi ll be notified by email to claim their Prizes within 30 days. Failure to claim a Prize within that period forfeits any right to it.

• Any disputes are solely judged and solved by, Inc., without any form of and right to appeals.

• A participation in the contest (submission of materials and/or admission of materials by, Inc.) does not guarantee nor imply any rights or benefits for the participants.

• Members of, Inc. and Matrox Graphics, Inc. and their families are not eligible to enter in this contest.


First Prize

The winner is going to receive a TripleHead2Go Digital-Edition multi-screen Surround Gaming Module for free. Combat Mission Shock Force introduced full compatibility with TripleHead2Go in the latest patch (v1.08), allowing users to hook up three monitors to their PC for the ultimate Surround Gaming experience! The TripleHead2Go Digital-Edition is provided by sponsoring partner, Matrox Graphics.

Second Prize

Runner-ups for the main Prize are going to receive a free copy of Combat Mission Shock Force – Marines upon release. Marines is the first module in the Shock Forc e series of tactical ground combat simulations, adding the troops and equipment of the US Marines Corps to the game, along with new Red forces, missions and maps, and exciting new gameplay features.

Combat Mission Shock Force – Marines is not affiliated nor endorsed by the United States Marines Corps in any way. The Marines Module is scheduled for release this summer, only from, and will cost $25. It is an expansion and requires any version (retail or direct) of the original game Combat Mission Shock Force to play.


The contest launches today (June 9th) and will remain open for entries for a period of at least two months. This period may be extended or shortened at, Inc.’s sole discretion.

Sample videos!

We have uploaded a few sample VAARs to t he YouTube channel in case you’d like a better idea of what a video AAR should or could be. Check them out at: [ YouTube Channel]

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