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How to write stuff like a Wii Remote whiteboard, a World of Warcraft RSS feed and a Space Invaders clone.

Farnham, UK—How would you like to build an Xbox game, use your Wiimote to create an electronic whiteboard, or build your own peer-to-peer application? Coding4Fun (O'Reilly) by Dan Fernandez and Brian Peek, helps you tackle some cool software and hardware projects, using a range of free Microsoft software. You can code for fun with C#, VB, Lua, ASP.NET, WPF, XNA Game Studio, and Popfly. If you love to tinker but don't have time to figure it all out, this book gives you clear, step-by-step instructions for building ten creative projects, including:

• Alien Attack: Create a 2D clone of Space Invaders with XNA for the PC, Xbox 360, and Zune

• LEGO Soldier: Create an action game using Popfly with a custom-built virtual LEGO character

• World of Warcraft RSS Feed Reader: Use WoW's customizable interface to have feeds pop up while you're gaming

• InnerTube: Download YouTube videos automatically and convert them to a file format for off-line viewing

• PeerCast: Stream video files from any PC

• TwitterVote: Create custom online polls on Twitter

• WHSMail: Build a website with ASP.NET for Windows Home Server that lets you view the messages stored on a computer with Outlook

• Wiimote Controlled Car: Steer your remote-controlled car by tilting the Wii Remote controller left and right

• Wiimote Whiteboard: Create an interactive whiteboard using a Wii Remote

• Holiday Lights: Synchronize your holiday light display with music to create your own light show

The perfect gift for any developer, Coding4Fun shows you how to use your programming skills in new and fun ways.

"This book is amazing! The scope is so wonderfully broad that anyone who has an interest in designing games at any level should read this book."

– Alex Albrecht, Creator of Diggnation / Totally Rad Show / Project Lore

Dan Fernandez started the Coding4Fun Web site in 2004 and built it into a powerhouse, with over 1 million page views per month and viral YouTube videos seen by millions. Dan was also the Lead Product Manager for Visual Studio Express and Popfly.

Brian Peek is a Microsoft C# MVP who has been developing in .NET since its beginnings in beta form0. In 2005 he developed the software for The Finalizer, the world's first .NET-driven battlebot, showcased at TechEd 2005. He has developed demos and content for various events Microsoft has participated in including Mix and Maker Faire. His Wiimote library is currently the most viewed and downloaded project on the Coding4Fun site. You can reach Brian via his blog at www.brianpeek.com.

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Dan Fernandez , Brian Peek

ISBN: 9780596520748, 510 pages, Book Price: $39.99, £30.99, 32 €

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