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Codemasters drops ArchLord MMO

Publisher will no longer operate the free-to-play title in North America and Europe

Codemasters Online Gaming has not renewed its contract to operate free-to-play MMO ArchLord in North America and Europe. However, it will be kept running in the West by Korean publisher Webzen, which has stepped in to take over.

According to the transition FAQ, reports Eurogamer, Codemasters is shutting its ArchLord servers down on October 2, and Webzen will open its service the following day, October 3. Character data is being passed over to the new operator, so ArchLord players won't have to start again from scratch.

ArchLord received poor reviews when it launched back in 2006, but a timely move to a free-to-play business model kept it going. The game's main selling point is that it's possible for a single player to rise to total dominance over the game world.

ArchLord also achieved some small notoriety by featuring in the Belgian film Ben X, about an autistic young man who retreats into its fantasy world.

The loss of ArchLord leaves Codemasters operating two MMOs in Europe only: Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online. It was also due to launch NetDevil's space combat MMO Jumpgate Evolution this year, but little has been heard about the game since its delay was confirmed in May.

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