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Climax unveils next-generation shader technology

UK-based developer Climax has revealed details of a key element of its next-generation console technology, a dynamic shading toolset for Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 called Tomcat.

The system, which is designed to allow small pieces of shader code to be linked together and reused to create powerful graphical effects on the next-gen consoles, has been developed in-house at the firm.

"Rather than reacting to the issue when it arrives, we've taken a proactive step and developed a unique toolset that allows us to fully exploit the potential for outstanding shading effects," according to Climax Racing president Tony Beckwith. "The system we've created allows our artists to create amazing shader combinations faster, and without the need for programmer support."

The shading system, along with other elements of Climax' next generation technology, is expected to be used in the company's Avalon title, which has been announced for the PlayStation 3 but isn't believed to be signed to any publisher as yet.

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