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City of Heroes/City of Villains

Issue 16, "Power Spectrum", to be shown off at Comic-Con.

We have great news coming from the team at Paragon Studios today. They have announced their next major content update, Issue 16: Power Spectrum, which will allow players to customize their powers! It also involves a really nice update to their award-winning and genre-defining character creator, as well as more powerset proliferation options. Powers customization is the longest requested feature that players have wanted and they are going to get it this fall!

Please go to to find out more specifics about Issue 16.

Also, we have created a new fact sheet for the City of Heroes franchise. This provides a snapshot of what the game is about, what it offers to gamers and what’s coming up. (Yes, our Going Rogue expansion is on there!)

We would like to give you a reminder that the City of Heroes team will be at Comic-Con next week, showing off the game, including the closed beta version of Issue 16. They also are holding a panel discussion on Saturday, July 25 at 6:30pm in room 7AB. The panel synopsis is below:

City of Heroes®—Five Years and Going Strong: How to Keep Your MMO Alive and Kickin'! Sit down with Brian Clayton (GM/Executive Producer), Matt Miller (Lead Designer), Vince D’Amelio (Lead Engineer), and Joe Morrissey (Senior Designer), who are some of the masterminds behind the award-winning MMO, City of Heroes®. Hear tales of frustration and success from their five-year journey. Discover how your favorite content became part of the game. Uncover the secrets of how to keep an MMO vibrant in an ever-changing marketplace.

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