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Centauri Production signing

Czech-based developer of Memento Mori joins IDEA Games.

Prague, 9th September 2009 – One of the Czech Republic’s leading independent development studio Centauri Production announces today it is to join IDEA Games, the association of independent development teams located in the Czech Republic. Centauri Production, well experienced developer of successful titles such as Memento Mori and Gooka – Mystery of Janatris sign up to take advantage of services provided for members of this association mainly by managing the business development, marketing & PR, etc.

“The position of a small independent developer was never easy. The worldwide game development market is controlled by the biggest publishers and competing for customers is really tough.” said Miroslav Papez, Centauri’s co-founder. “IDEA Games is an ideal partner for us. Taking advantage of the services provided by IDEA Games will grand us with the additional resources and structure we need to focus on successful development of our forthcoming projects.”

“IDEA’s task is to support local independent developers as much as possible and deliver complex services to them; ranging from business development, marketing and PR to testing and localization process management. The coordination within our association over previous years has proven to us that this is a way we can stay independent and competitive.” said Slavomir Pavlicek, IDEA’s CEO. “Centauri Production is an experienced and respected developer with a number of successful titles. Their joining will increase the potential of IDEA Games by adding industry veterans with years of experience and will allow us to strengthen our position in the global game development market.”

Centauri’s forthcoming release schedule includes PAT & MAT, a casual game based on the popular TV series brand and classical "point&click" adventure game AlternativA.

For more information please visit the Centauri’s homepage

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IDEA Games

Michal Harangozo

Marketing & PR


Mobile: +420 257 189 564

IDEA Games

Stands for an Independent DEvelopers Association, founded in November 2005 by three large Czech computer game development studios: Bohemia Interactive Studio, Altar Games and Black Element Software. The Association is an open structure that actively seeks new developers to bring their games to the market. By providing wide range of services, including legal, sales, marketing and PR services, contract negotiations, business plan creation, representation at industry conventions and fairs, IDEA Games saves both time and money for its members, allowing them to focus on the areas they know best - game development.

Centauri Production

Established in 2000 in Prague, Czech Republic, Centauri Production is a well experienced game development studio formed by industry veterans. Among their released games are adventure titles such as Fairy Tale about Father Frost, Gooka: Mystery of Janatris, interactive projects Ferdy the Ant, 4 Leaf Clovers, and recently released Memento Mori. Centauri Production is also active in the production of multimedia applications and presentations, software for movie and animation studios.

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