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Castle Crashers

"King Pack" downloadable content available, offering new characters, weapons and magic.

San Diego, CA, January 14, 2009— The Behemoth® announced today that the “King Pack” downloadable content is now available for their hit game Castle Crashers, the most played Xbox LIVE® Arcade title of 2008. The fearless leader of the four Knights has stepped into the fray, bringing with him another playable character, an adorable new animal orb, and shiny new weapons! The King’s magic is totally different from any other in the game, allowing players to heal themselves and others! The “King Pack” includes:

Two New Characters! Open Faced Gray Knight and the King.

New Weapons! NG Lollipop, NG Gold Sword and the King’s Mace (equipped with the King).

New Animal Orb- Pelter, the Seal.

New Magic! King’s Healing (Gold Knife, Healing Magic and the Kingly Jump).

About Castle Crashers

As Xbox LIVE® Arcade’s top hit of 2008, Castle Crashers® has attracted a wide-ranging audience with its engaging art style, easy control system, and simple yet addictive game play. From seven-year-olds playing their first video game to hardcore older gamers looking to recapture the 2D arcade games of their youth, this game has something for everyone. Hack, slash, and smash your way to victory in this red-hot arcade adventure! Featuring hand-drawn characters, Castle Crashers delivers unique hi-res illustrated visuals like nothing you've ever seen before. Play with up to three friends locally or over Xbox LIVE to save your princess, defend your kingdom, and crash some castles with an arsenal of combos and magical attacks to choose from! Priced at 1200 Microsoft points, Castle Crashers boasts 20 levels, over 40 weapons, and 20 unlockable characters, making this one of the largest games available on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

About The Behemoth

The Behemoth is an independent console game developer that specializes in making games that are fun to play and beautiful to look at. The Behemoth was founded by a small group of hardcore gamers in 2003 with the modest goal of bringing craftsmanship and originality back to the game industry. The Behemoth does not determine the price of downloadable content. The Behemoth is headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit

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