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Capcom reduces fiscal outlook on product delays

Lost Planet 2, Super Street Fighter IV and Monster Hunter Tri launches postponed for "strategic reasons"

Japanese publisher Capcom has revised its financial forecast downwards following the delay in launching three of its key properties - Lost Planet 2, Super Street Fighter IV and Monster Hunter Tri (in the West).

The postponements were put made in order to "Avoid competing with the major titles that other companies plan to introduce in the fourth quarter; preserve the value of Capcom's titles and maximize sales volume; and expand the line-up of titles in the next fiscal year and afterwards," a company presentation noted.

The publisher reduced its revenue forecast down by almost a third, from JPY 95 billion (USD 1.0 billion) to JPY 65 billion (USD ), with the profit forecast slashed by over 76 per cent to JPY 2 billion (USD 21.5 million).

The videogames business was responsible for the vast majority of that revision - JPY 28.5 billion (USD 307 million) in total - although an updated forecast for the next financial year (ending March, 2011) notes expected revenues at the same level as previously forecast for this year - JPY 95 billion (USD 1.0 billion).

Capcom had expected to sell 3.7 million units of Lost Planet 2, 1.1 million units of Super Street Fighter IV and 500,000 copies of Monster Hunter Tri, while Dark Void underperformed based on estimates - it sold only 600,000 units compared to the 1.3 million it was expected to.

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