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Capcom has sold nearly 500m game units in its 40-year history

Since the action horror series' 1996 debut Resident Evil has sold 142 million titles

Capcom has recently turned 40 and announced that it has sold approximately 500 million game titles globally.

Among its top-selling franchises is Resident Evil; since the franchise began in 1996, it has moved 142 million units. The firm reported that the Resident Evil 4 Remake sold four million copies in April.

As of March 31, Capcom's Monster Hunter series has sold 92 million games, the series' first title launched in 2004.

Meanwhile, its Street Fighter franchise has sold 49 million units; its first game was released in 1987. Street Fighter 6, its newest entry, sold one million copies globally within a week after its release.

Additionally, Capcom said that it has sold 307 game titles across 230 countries and regions globally.

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