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Capcom brings Resident Evil to the DS

Capcom's popular franchise, Resident Evil, will be arriving on Nintendo's DS handheld, with a reworking of the series' first game being developed, according to fresh reports from Japanese gaming publication, Famitsu.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence will be a remake of the PlayStation original, Resident Evil, (known as Biohazard, in Japan) in celebration of the franchise's 2006 tenth anniversary. The graphics will be reworked fully into 3D, instead of using the pre-rendered backdrops from the PS One template, with new character models and animations. There will also be a number of new gameplay elements, with original traps utilised and an additional ability given to zombies, allowing them to chase players through doors.

The DS' stylus control system is said to be used to provide a new interface with some of the game's mechanics, such as pressing numbers on a keypad using the touch-screen or attacking enemies with the stylus which represents a knife. Wireless networking is also apparently being employed, although there are no current details as to what exactly this will entail.

There's no current release date set for Resident Evil: Deadly Silence.

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