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Call of Duty: Mobile has earned $1bn for Activision - Appmagic

Three years after launching the FPS has also been downloaded 300m times to date

Update: After the publication of this article, an Activision representative reached out to point out that the company's annual report mentioned annual consumer spending on Call of Duty: Mobile was "well above" $1 billion in 2021 alone.

The $1 billion figure is what Activision and Tencent have earned from the game. AppMagic data is based on developer payout, it does not include the 30% cut from mobile platforms.

We regret the error.

Original story: Activision Blizzard's Call of Duty: Mobile (CoD: Mobile) has generated over $1 billion for Activision.

The FPS originally launched back in October 2019 and within a year it earned an estimated $480 million.

As reported by mobilegamer.biz from data sourced from AppMagic, CoD: Mobile to date, has amassed $606 million on iOS devices and $424 million on Android devices.

In terms of lifetime player spending by country, the US has generated $554 million for the game and Japan is second with $138.

Germany comes in third with $32 million, Brazil has amassed $30 million, and the UK has generated $27 million to date.

During Activision Blizzard's 2021 annual report the firm said that CoD: Mobile has seen over 650 million downloads globally last year.

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