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Call of Duty 2 tops Xbox Live chart once again

Activision title Call of Duty 2 for Xbox 360 is the most popular game on Xbox Live, according to the latest charts released by Microsoft's director of programming, Larry Hryb.

Activision title Call of Duty 2 is the most popular 360 game on Xbox Live according to the latest charts released by Microsoft's director of programming, Larry Hryb.

Hryb, who is better known to many as Major Nelson, has posted the latest charts on his blog, revealing that COD2 has reclaimed the top spot as Madden NFL 07 slips down into third place.

THQ's Saints Row is in second place, while BAFTA-award winning Ubisoft title Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare is in fourth.

At number five it's Test Drive Unlimited, followed by Xbox Live Arcade title Doom and Capcom's hit zombie shooter Dead Rising. Oblivion remains popular more than six months after release, holding on to eighth place, while Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is in ninth and the Sonic the Hedgehog demo rounds things off at number ten.

There's also been change at the top in the Xbox Live Arcade charts, which is based on full price purchases only. Doom has gone straight in at number one, leaving card games Texas Hold'em and Uno at two and three respectively.

Hexic HD is in fourth place, followed by TotemBall - a game specially designed to work with the new Xbox Live Vision camera. At six it's the ever-popular Geometry Wars Evolved, while Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting is at number seven and fellow retro favourite Pac-Man is at eight. Marble Blast Ultra and Bankshot Billiards 2 are at number nine and number ten.

When it comes to online play on the original Xbox, Halo 2 is still the most popular title - followed by Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Madden NFL 07 and Counter-Strike. PES 5, Forza Motorsport and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 also make an appearance in the top ten, alongside two Rainbow Six titles and Splinter Cell Chaos.

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