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Former Kongregate players offered a welcoming present from YooGames.

For Immediate Release:

Palo Alto, CA December 24, 2010

Now that Kongregate has shut down their Caesary servers, where can you play? Well, YooGames has news for you!

 Any former Kongregate user who moves their Caesary gameplay to YooGames will receive a special welcoming present.

Just send your original Kongregate character's name to and you willl get a welcome package of $10, which includes

1 Christmas Tree, 1 Doughnut, 1 Silk, 1 Spies, 1 Zodiac Goat,and 1 Treasure Map. Our GMs will send the pack to these players everyday.

Got to  to get started on your new game today!

If you haven’t had the chance to try out the new version, here’s your chance! Players now get loads of new options such as: Invincible troops, two new full sets of equipment, new equipment barter quests, new items, new challenges, higher technology levels and higher rectorate levels!

Now that’s there’s a new server starting, new players will share the same chance of excelling at Caesary as the seasoned and experienced players. It’s a clean slate for Caesary fans everywhere! So make sure to be at on December 24 th to get a head start!

About Caesary:

Caesary is a web based strategy game with a Roman theme. Players start with a small town and must gradually build it up into a thriving city-state. The gameplay mechanics interface, and visuals are very similar to prior strategy games, but Caesary does offer a few surprises. Among these is the colony system that allows weaker players to pay tribute to a powerful player in return for protection, Zodiac Ceremony, Job Creation, and League Contribution.  Caesary offers a lot of remarkable new features, such as Flash-based Battle Replay, Detailed Battle Report, and Legendary Hero Recruitment.

Other than the visual style and occasional animal sacrifice; Caesary plays like an Empire-building game from any other era. By encouraging players to have a lot of actions and never having to wait until the next day to play again, Caesary’s game design highly encourages players to play throughout the day.

Caesary is a great city building game that puts you in control of your own ancient city with a Romanesque style theme. The basic goals are to build structures for your citizens and other buildings that enable you to develop an army. This is no easy task and it’s a constant struggle to keep the balance between accumulation of resources and expansion of army. Since everybody will have an army, the situation requires players unite to form their own league. Together with a league, players can battle other leagues for control of the whole Roman world!

Keep an eye out for the 5 th Caesary server on their game site on December 24th!

Caesary, like all of Dragonsmeet’s games, will not require players to download -- all play data is saved online. It is also free to play, but special items can be purchased via the game's online item mall.

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