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CABAL Online

Hypernia chosen as the online partner for the MMO game.

Thursday, June 26---Miami, FL--- Hypernia Hosting Corp®, the leader in online hosting services and solutions for the interactive entertainment industry, is pleased to announce their role as global online partner to U.K.-based game publisher LTD for the successful MMO game, Cabal Online.

Known for providing tier-1 bandwidth for CDN, gaming and media streaming, Hypernia was carefully selected by LTD as their official international online partner based on Hypernia’s lengthy and successful history in the online games space. Hypernia’s large volumes of equipment, bandwidth and facilities around the world enable game players to enjoy a robust multi-player experience. publishes high quality games for the European online games market. is best known for their successful MMO title, Cabal Online, an RPG game product with 90,000 users, with a recent acceleration in subscribers to an additional 10,000 players per week. This rapid rate of increase in players, plus a high level of customer service, ensures that the game remains one of the best free-to-play games on the market. took advantage of Hypernia’s on-demand utility hosting model which provided flexibility and cost savings, enabling the company to undergo significant service improvements in recent months. These included the addition of updated payment methods, the release of several large patches which has vastly increased the content of the game Cabal Online, a host of new features including new hunting grounds (the Chaos Arena), new rewards for Player vs Player action (players can now gain EXP from PvP) and several important bug fixes. As a direct result of their hosting partnership with Hypernia, these upgrades have produced positive results and Cabal Online is now one of the largest games in Europe.

Specifically, Hypernia provided multi-gigabit feeds as increased their player base. This functionality guaranteed an excellent Internet connection for players, no matter how many extra users were online simultaneously. To accommodate for game world growth, Hypernia also provided with new servers during different periods, while also providing an inexpensive CDN solution to keep the patches and downloads affordable for all the new users.

By allowing to host their own files, Hypernia helped keep users on the Cabal Online web site, instead of impacting the site’s “stickiness” by driving players to third parties for file down-loading. Hypernia also provided full 24-hour customer support, a crucial feature since more than fifty percent of the Cabal Online players are based in Europe.

James Vallord-Costa, CEO and co-founder of Hypernia, notes, “ cut their costs for bandwidth considerably after joining us. With the ‘flex computing’ capability of our on-demand utility hosting model, they were able to add new expansions and games without the added risk. Most companies would not be able to experiment with a new expansion or game, but we made it easy for them.” LTD company director Thorsten Schauer offers, “ believes that game play should be easy and convenient for all MMORPG game players. With that in mind, Cabal Online was designed for new users and other MMORPG users who will be able to easily adapt to our game system. Cabal Online does not require long periods of game play. Hypernia’s role as our global hosting partner has been instrumental to our marketplace achievements with this game play plan for our customers.”

About LTD

With the intention of providing a rich diversity of gaming styles for our customers, publishes MMO games from both the USA and Asia. The product of these two deeply differing cultures provided a gaming experience to suit all, and even niche groups of players. Initially, began publishing games crossing several genres such as Fantasy, Sports, Real Time Strategies and even Casual gaming, before expanding further into other genres.

About Hypernia

Founded in 2001, Hypernia Hosting Corp® pioneered the Internet data center market with innovative service offerings that would help businesses and individuals take advantage of the speed and global reach of technology and the Internet. Hypernia believes that for organizations to be successful, they need a partner that provides solutions that spark independence and confidence in their new way of doing business. Hypernia established its high volume network for intense application hosting such as online gaming in 2002, and continues to be a leading provider of complex Internet hosting for enterprises with mission-critical Internet operations.

For more details regarding Hypernia Hosting Corp®, contact PR representative Fiona Cherbak at, or (512) 916-9633, or you can also visit for more information.


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