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First footage of the first-person shooter is fired towards the public.

Poland, Warsaw 30th June 2008. NoWay Studio is pleased to unveil the first video footage from the forthcoming debut game entitled C.O.R.E. a dynamic fast paced action first-person shooter for Nintendo DS. The plot-line revolves around a meteor crash and its consequences. The footage is a mixture of the game intro movie and in-game footage.

For the last 14 months, the team have been stiriving to push the limits of the Nintendo DS with full 3D visuals. This "next generation" title is set to bring th e gaming experience of the FPS on a handheld - previously only matched on a PC. They have created multiplatfom levels introduced by in-game movies, some of which will be presented in 3d.

As a marine, you are sent with a secret mission into the lab complex built on the meteor crash site. You will travel through different locations - first on the ground, then deeper underground (security rooms, living sectors, offices, labs, stock rooms, headquarters), then even deeper into the meteor rock. Your aim: to discover mysteries about the meteor by solving quests. The final quest comes deep down underneath the earth, where the biggest secret is hidden. Only you can survive this task and protect mankind.


Mysterious atmosphere intensified by heavy music and advanced graphic solutions

Complete 14 big shocking and breathtaking levels

20 different enemies ranging from insane marines and mad scientist to big deadly mutants and discover secret rooms and special quests.

Choose among 8 types of guns, such as: blaster, shotgun, plasma gun or rocket launcher. Some of them will have alternative shooting options or optical zoom.

Enjoy an interactive world of our design: climb ladders, use vehicles and operate interactive tools like switches, controllers, access cards, open boxes and barrels, break windows, benches, barrels etc.

Play multiplayer with friedsversion using classic modes like: deathmatch, capture the flag or team arena

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