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Byron Review: Round-up

All of the Byron Review news at a glance

Below is a collection of the key news stories has published around the Byron Review release.

How the story developed:

Initial top line recommendations as the news breaks late Wednesday night.

Byron talks about the problem of the generational divide on Thursday morning.

Key age ratings changes are detailed in the press briefing.

The industry is told it will have to fund recommended parental education campaigns.

Byron admits that the ratings decision was a "very tricky" call.

DCMS Minister Andy Burnham confirms criminal sanctions for retailers if they sell inappropriate games to minors.

The BBFC responds to the Byron Review recommendations.

Tiga responds to the Byron Review recommendations.

ELSPA responds to the Byron Review recommendations.

GAME "would welcome" an update to the ratings system and work with it.

A summary of the timetable of change that Tanya Byron has recommended.

GAME's Robert Quinn explains the extent of staff training on the age retail front.

Byron tells her detractors to "get a grip."

Dr Byron explains why research that requires violence testing on children should never happen.

ISFE secretary general tells that the Byron Review underestimated the sophistication of the PEGI ratings system.

Tiga boss Richard Wilson discusses the Byron Review in more detail.

The BBFC dismisses concerns about resources for handling larger workload.

ISFE secretary general Patrice Chazerand believes that there should be less competition and more cooperation between the ratings systems.

The first part of a two-part interview with Dr Byron.

The second part of a two-part interview with Dr Byron.

The full interview with ISFE secretary general Patrice Chazerand.

A summary of the different ratings systems in effect around the world.

More background:

Announcement of the report's launch date.

Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson offers this thoughts on the social view of videogames.

The BBFC's role is questioned during a Parliamentary debate in early March.

Microsoft's Matt Lambert tells the CMS Select Committee he feels PEGI is more effective than the BBFC.

The BBFC responds to Matt Lambert's comments, offering a robust defence.

Microsoft's Neil Thompson expands on the PEGI vs BBFC issue.

Microsoft's Neil Thompson looks ahead to the Byron Review and offers his thoughts on what needs to be done.

EA's Keith Ramsdale voices his thoughts on the role of retail in the age rating debate.

ISFE outlines its unhappiness in February at rumoured changes to PEGI's role.

The government announces Tanya Byron will lead the inquiry.

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