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Buzz user content tops 1.7 million questions

MyBuzz users contribute enough content to make 350 Buzz games, says Croucher

Since Relentless introduced user-generated content to its popular Buzz franchise, players have contributed 218,750 quizzes made up of over 1.7 million questions. The content is enough, the publisher says, to fill 350 standard-sized Buzz games on disc.

Speaking at the Develop conference in Brighton today, producer Dan Croucher said that the influx of Michael Jackson themed content appearing on its MyBuzz website over the last few weeks proved that UGC can be invaluable in allowing users to create more personalised gaming experiences, and that despite some concerns that accessibility to limitless, free content could impact on the sales of further full-priced PlayStation 3 titles, he thinks each can offer something unique.

The company plans to release a cut-down variant of the game onto PlayStation Home this week, which will stream player-created questions straight from the website for users to jump in and out of whenever they like.

Relentless also today revealed to its new episodic digital murder mystery game Blue Toad Murder Files, which is due for release in December this year.

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