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Business Tycoon Online

Information on the sales experience system.

Sales Exp System in Business Tycoon Online, the significant element in Factory System, is always paid great attention. In Business Tycoon Online, one has to make full use of his wisdom and talents to make wealth, which is mainly comprised of company's revenue and the selling of factory goods or materials. The higher the Sales Exp is, the more profit one makes. Now, let us have a general discussion about Sales Exp System in Business Tycoon Online.

The Function of Sales Exp

The higher the Sales Exp is, the more one's factory can produce. Players who have established their factories for just a couple of days will inevitably encounter the embarrassment of slow production speed and scarcity of raw materials. The latter will cause a thorough off production in one's factory. Besides, to buy from others is a great burden in a long run. The best way is to enhance Sales Exp and produce by oneself.

How to Get Sales Exp?

One will get Sales Exp by selling his factory goods to system or players in Trade Center. What has to be mentioned is one's Sales Exp will increase only when he sells goods of highest level his factory can produce. Otherwise, one's Sales Exp won't increase at all.

For example, one could produce goods of Quality G. If he sells goods of Quality G to system or players, one's Sales Exp will increase and his daily yield increases too.

Critical Points of Sales Exp

According to game settings, there are "some critical points" for Sales Exp. When his Sales Exp reaches these points, one's yield multiplies. DOVOGAME has publishes these critical points, respectively they are 60, 260, 860, 3,100, 5,600, and 9,700. When one's Sales Exp reaches these points, the yield of one's factory will increase by 2.27 times, 5.7 times, 11 times, 21.23 times, 31.47 times and 51.93 times respectively.

One can conclude that yield will boom when one's Sales Exp reaches one of those critical points above. However, if the Sales Exp is between two critical points, there is no change in factory yield.

How to increase Sales Exp?

First of all, one could increase Sales and Technique Exp of different industries one after another. This is fast but cost a large amount of Tycoin.

Also, one can increase one's Sales and Technique Exp of different industry at the same time. This is slow but this is available for those who have no much Tycoin in hand temporarily.

Experts in Factory system know that they can earn more from factory rather than from stores. However, one has to develop proper policy based on company's condition to save a lot of troubles.

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