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Bungie to pay and credit artist whose work was featured in a Destiny 2 scene

The developer has reached out to the creator for a resolution and attributed the mistake to an external vendor

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Destiny 2 maker Bungie is posed to compensate and credit an artist's work that was featured in a new cutscene.

As reported by PC Gamer, the moves come after creator Julian Faylona (ElementJ21) took to Twitter, noting the similarities between their art piece and an image in the story scene.

In speaking with the publication, the artist said, "It was totally unexpected and completely caught me by surprise. So much so that I wanted to make a shoutout about it."

Bungie attributed the error to an issue from an external vendor.

In a statement sent to PC Gamer, a representative said, "Bungie has reached out to [ElementJ21] about the art piece from this week's cutscene and are planning to compensate and credit them for their work."

"We discovered that an external vendor that helped to create this cutscene mistakenly used this art as a reference, assuming it was official Bungie artwork. We are currently waiting to hear back from the artist to take the necessary steps to remedy this situation."

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