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Bungie release Halo: Reach stats as 1.3 billion games played

Statistics reveal 33 billion in-game kills during game's first three months

First person shooter Halo: Reach has seen over 1.3 billion games played, representing 24 thousand years of playing time, during the game's first three months on sale.

A wide range of different statistics were released on the developer's website and cover the period from the game's Western release on 14 September 2010 to 10 December 2010. During the period the game hosted 23 thousand match-made games and saw a combined total of 33 billion kills across the Firefight, campaign and multiplayer modes.

700 million matchmaking multiplayer multikills were accumulated, from 634 million of the most simple "Double Kill" (two kills in a flash) reward to just 200,000 of the maximum "Killionaire" (10 kills in a flash) achievement. A total of 290 million matchmaking multiplayer sprees were recorded, ranging from 255 million of the basic "Killing Spree" (five kills without dying) to just 320,000 of "Unf-believable" (40 kills without dying).

Of the rarest unlockable armour effects just 25,000 unlocked the "Heart Attack" effect, only 1,500 the Pestilence effect and just 1,000 the Inclement Weather effect. The rare voice unlocks for Firefight mode proved a little easier for players to access, with 30,000 managing to unlock the Master Chief voiceover and 25,000 the Cortana voice pack.

In terms of the rare visor rewards 900,000 managed to unlock the blue version, 250,000 the black and just 25,000 the gold. The most difficult to obtain medal was "Skullamanjaro" (score 10 skulls at once in Headhunter) with just 301,758 players achieving the feat. A total of 708,457 gained the "Extermination" medal (wipe out enemy team with at least one overkill) and 710,555 the "Perfection" medal (win a Slayer game without dying, with at least 15 kills).

Halo: Reach is the last in the series from creators Bungie, following the studio's break from Microsoft into independence. Nothing is currently known of the company's next game, other than that it is a multi-format title to be released by Activision, as part of a 10-year distribution deal.