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BullGuard/Fragmasters deal

Computer security firm to sponsor Fragmaster's online gaming teams.

London, November 13th, 2008 - BullGuard, specialists in user-friendly PC and mobile security solutions for consumers, has signed a deal with Fragmasters to sponsor its online gaming teams at LAN events. The sponsorship deal was formed as a result of BullGuard’s commitment to the development of its dedicated security solution for gamers.

The first event that sees BullGuard and Fragmasters working together is the “i38” on 13-16 November, the UK’s largest LAN party: The sponsorship deal will see the fragmaster’s LAN gaming team sporting BullGuard branded competition wear at events, and the use of BullGuard’s Gamer’s Edition on competition hardware.

“BullGuard Gamer’s Edition is the world’s first internet security product specifically developed for gamers, so sponsoring a gaming community like Fragmasters is only natural,” says BullGuard Development Director, Claus Villumsen. ”The feedback we receive from the community is very useful in developing future versions of the Gamer’s Edtition – and frankly, working with this very dedicated and enthusiastic group of end users is refreshing and entertaining.”

BullGuard Gamer’s Edition is designed to help protect gamers’ hardware and data while not compromising on performance. When users are not gaming, BullGuard Gamer’s Edition still provides complete PC protection with full Antivirus, Antispyware and Firewall functionality.

Darren Ball from fragmasters, commented, “As a computer gamer you rely on your skill and the speed of your PC to best your opponents. There can be no compromises in performance on a gamer’s rig, in this virtual world a fraction of a second can define win or lose, first or second, hero or “who”? There has never been an effective online protection system designed specifically for gamers, a security suite that offers real time protection while not impacting on system performance, until now. With BullGuard’s automatic profile switching, as soon as you boot a game the security profile is amended, no need to manually change anything, the software is designed to give you the perfect balance between protection and performance. We initially contacted BullGuard after reading and hearing some very impressive reviews of the Gamer’s Edition software, and today we are very proud to announce a new partnership between BullGuard and Fragmasters which we hope will raise awareness of this lag free security suite which our teams will be using while playing at future online and LAN events.”

Typical frustrations for gamers are endless firewall messages, heavy resource consumption resulting in deteriorated game play and update processes that are initiated during the game. In a recent survey conducted by BullGuard among 2,000 gamers, 20 percent admitted to not using any kind of protection while gaming. Almost half of the remaining 80 percent complained about their security software interfering with their gaming experience. With the introduction of BullGuard Gamer’s Edition, gaming and security are no longer at odds.

Claus Villumsen said, “The game profiles enable gamers to remain protected while allowing them to enjoy their game to the fullest. BullGuard makes profiles for all major game releases and pushes those out to our Gamer’s Edition users, ensuring that their application will always be reliable and up-to-date. Users have the option to edit existing game profiles and they can easily create additional game profiles themselves. The Gamer’s Edition also comes with a general game mode, which consists of general settings that will suit most games currently on the market.”

BullGuard Gamer’s Edition is available now from

The Gamer’s Edition comes with Spamfilter and Online Backup included in the subscription.

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About BullGuard (

BullGuard specialises in PC & mobile security solutions for home-users and small-businesses, emphasising technical excellence, ease-of-use and customer-care. BullGuard is committed to providing simple, cost-effective, integrated security solutions that provide users with first-class protection from viruses and other intruders. BullGuard is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has offices in Denmark, Romania, Belgium, the US and Australia.

About Fragmasters (

Fragmasters is an online esports community. started 7 years ago as a single 8 man public counter strike server and the community has grown year on year to become the most popular set of public servers in Europe. As a result of this growth fragmasters Ltd was resisted in the UK in 2008. Recently Fragmasters have also branched out in to the xbox 360 console gaming scene and we hope our pc gaming teams success will be replicated there.

Fragmasters currently run public servers covering Counter Strike Source, Counter Strike 1.6, Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat and Left 4 Dead. These public servers are in addition to the private match servers reserved for competitions and online matches.

In addition to the popular public servers and forums we have 2 of the top Counter Strike Source teams in Europe, fragmasters Toxic and fragmasters Sapphire, the teams have competed in LAN events in France, Portugal, Denmark and the UK so far this year

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