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Bruce on Games

Bruce Everiss interviews Ed Vaizey, the UK's shadow minister for the arts.

Coventry, UK July 28, 2009

Within the next twelve months there will be a new government and the Conservatives are now well set to win. The Conservative shadow minister for the Arts, with responsibility for video gaming, is Ed Vaizey. In an exclusive interview with the Bruceongames video game industry blog, , he reveals how things will be different under the new government.

For many years the UK had the third biggest video game industry in the world. Under the current government it has slipped to fifth, or possibly sixth, behind Canada, Korea and China. In this interview Ed Vaizey pledges to change this:

"We think video games have not been taken seriously by this Government. They are a huge industry for us, we are world-beaters, and we should be looking at imaginative policies to support the industry as much as possible."

He goes on to give his views on censorship, education, piracy and a range of other topics that are of vital importance to the game industry.

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